Arnold's Place Coffee Shop

offers a quiet spot to sit down and rest your weary legs, have a chat and enjoy an Espresso Coffee or a cup of tea and delicious home-made cake or biscuits at bargain prices.

Arnolds Place Coffee Shop Menu


Espresso Coffee & Cake $4.00
Espresso Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Cappucino/Latte etc.
Standard $2.50
Mug $3.00
Extra Large $4.00
Extra Shot $0.50
Iced Coffee (in house) $3.50
Tea $2.00
Farmers Union Flavoured Milk 600ml $2.50
Can Drink - Coke, Diet Coke etc. $2.00
Bundaberg Drinks $2.50
Water 600ml $1.00


Homemade Cake $2.50
Biscuits ea $0.50-$1.00
Pies and Pasties $3.00
Gourmet Pies $3.50
Sausage Rolls $2.50
Hot Dog with Sauce $3.00
Hot Dog with Cheese $3.50
Hot Dog with the Lot $4.00
Sandwiches - 2 Fillings $3.00
Additional Fillings each
Tomato, Cucumber, lettuce, onion
Toasted $0.50